Booking & Payment Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between you and Welcome Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd. By booking a trip, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, which outline, among other things, our cancellation policy and certain limitations of liability. These Terms and Conditions affect your rights and designate the governing law and forum for the resolution of any and all disputes.

THE CONTRACT: All persons wishing to make a booking have carefully read and understand the Terms and Conditions that follow. By making a booking by telephone, or on our website, or by email or facsimile with the company or its Agents, you accept and are bound by these Terms and Conditions. A booking is accepted and becomes definite only from the date when the company sends a confirmation invoice or email.

FINAL PAYMENT: Payment of the balance of the tour price is due 60 days before the departure date of the first service booked. If a booking is made 60 days or less before the departure date of the first service booked then the full amount is payable at the time your booking is confirmed. If this balance is not paid at the time your booking is confirmed the Company reserves the right to treat the Client’s booking as cancelled.

CLIENT DETAILS: In order for the Company to confirm and guarantee the Client’s travel arrangements the Client must provide all Client details with their final payment as per the dates specified. Client details include passport number; passport expiry date and medical form (where applicable), full name as it appears in the passport you are travelling with, date of birth and nationality.

CANCELLATION BY THE CLIENT: Any cancellation by a Client must be made in writing and acknowledge by the company. The date on which the request to cancel is received by the Company or its Agents will determine the cancellation charge applicable. The cancellation charges are expressed hereafter as a percentage of the total tour price, excluding insurance.

Cancellation 60 days or more before departure, You Loss of deposit.
Cancellation 59-30 days before departure…50% of cost of service booked.
Cancellation less than 30 days before departure…100% of cost of services booked.

CANCELLATION OF THE TOUR BY THE COMPANY: The Company reserves the right to cancel any trip for any reason, but will not cancel a tour less than 60 days before departure except for force majeure, unusual or unforeseen circumstances outside the Company’s control. When the Company cancels a tout, the Client may choose between a full refund of all monies paid or any alternative tour offered by the Company. The Company is not responsible for any incidental expenses that the Client may have incurred as a result of the booking such as visas, vaccinations, non-refundable flights or loss of enjoyment, etc. if the alternative trip chosen is of a lower value than that originally booked, then the Client is entitled to a refund of the price difference. If the alternative tour chosen is of a higher value than that originally booked, then the Client must pay the difference in price.

UNUSED SERVICES: There will be no discounts or monies refunded for missed or unused services, this includes voluntary or involuntary termination/departure from tour, i.e. Sickness, death of a family member, etc.

PRICE AND SURCHARGES: We reserve the right to impose surcharges (price increases) up to 60 days before departure due to unfavourable changes in exchange rates, increase in air fares or other transportation/fuel costs, increase in local operator costs, taxes, or if government action should require us to do so.

FLEXIBILITY: The client appreciates and acknowledges that the nature of this type of travel requires considerable flexibility and should allow for alternatives. The itinerary provides for each tour is merely representative of the types of activities contemplated, and the Company is under no contractual obligation to strictly follow it. It is understood that the route, schedules, itineraries, amenities and mode of transport may be subject to alteration without prior notice due to local circumstances or events, which may include sickness or mechanical breakdown, flight cancellations, strikes, events emanation from political disputes, entry or border difficulties, climate and other unpredictable or unforeseeable circumstances.

ACCEPTANCE OF RISK: The Client acknowledges that the nature of the tour is adventurous and may involve a significant amount of personal risk. The Client hereby assumes all such risk and does hereby release the Company from all claims and causes of action arising from any damages of injuries or death resulting from these inherent risks.

AUTHORITY ON TOUR: At all times the decision of the Company’s tour leader or representative will be final on all matters likely to endanger the safety and well being of the tour. The Client must at all times strictly comply with the laws, customs, and foreign exchange and drug regulations of all countries visited. If the Client is affected by any condition, medical or otherwise, that might affect other people’s enjoyment of the tour, the Client must advise Welcome Nepal Treks at the time of booking. Should the Client fail to comply with the above or commit any illegal act when on the tour or, if the opinion of the tour leader, the Client’s behaviour is causing or is likely to cause danger, distress or annoyance to others we may terminate that Client’s travel arrangements without any liability on the Company’s part and the Client will not be entitled to any refund for unused or missed services or costs incurred resulting from the termination of the travel arrangements.

TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: The Client must be in possession of a valid passport required for entry, departure and travel through each destination point along the itinerary of the tour, (your passport must be valid 6 months past your return date), all visas, permits and certificates including vaccination certificate, insurance policies, required for the whole of the journey. The Client accepts full responsibility for obtaining all such documents and permits prior to the start of the tour, and is solely responsible for any adverse consequences resulting from missing or defective documentation. Any information or advice given by the Company regarding visas, vaccinations, climate, clothing, baggage, special equipment, etc. is purely advisory, provided as a courtesy to the Client, and the Company is not responsible for any errors or omissions as to the information provided.

It is the Client’s responsibility to visit our website at least 72 hours prior to departure to ensure the most current Tour Itinerary and dossier is in the possession as minor changes may have been made since the tour documents were originally provided by the Company.

If airfare has been purchased through the Company, it is the Client’s responsibility to verify all flight times 72 hours prior to departure directly with the airline.

FACTORS OUTSIDE THE COMPANY’S CONTROL (FORCE MAJEURE): Company shall not be liable in any way to the Client for death, bodily injury, illness, damage, delay or other loss or detriment to person or property or for the Company’s failure to commence, perform and/or complete any duty owed to the Client if such death, delay, bodily injury (including emotional distress or injury), illness, damage or other loss or detriment to person or property is caused by Act of God, war or war like operations, terrorist activities or threat thereof, civil commotions, labour difficulties, weather or not Company is a party thereto, interference by authorities, political disturbance, howsoever and where so ever any of the same may arise or be caused, riot, insurrection and government restraint, fire or any other cause whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of Company.

INSURANCE: It is mandatory that all Clients obtain travel insurance with a minimum coverage of US$ 75000 while travelling with the Company and this insurance must cover personal injury, medical expenses, repatriation expenses and emergency evacuation expenses. It is strongly recommended the coverage be extended to include cancellation, curtailment, loss of belongings and all other expenses, which might arise as a result of loss, damage, injury, delay or inconvenience occurring to the Client. The Company shall have no liability for loss, theft of or damage to baggage or personal effects

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Credit Card Payment Details:

Please download the credit card payment form and send it by e-mail or fax with the copy of credit card (both sides) and passport copy.

While making payment by credit card (Master card and Visa card), please make sure to add 4% extra of the total payment for bank charge.

Click here for download in WORD Format (.doc)